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Chapter 832: Senior Fang Yuan, I want to duel you!

Fang Yuan silently stood up under everyone's gaze and slowly left the stage.

“Such a deep foundation on the path of refinement! It can actually do two tasks at the same time, it slowed down the refinement speed of the incomplete nine Spirit Fire Gu, while restarting the refinement of the final Spirit Fire Gu at extremely high speed. Refining Gu Spiritual Fire requires a lot of mental energy, but he seems energetic even now, could it be that he also cultivated the soul path or the path of wisdom? An Han was shocked and unsure.

“First Elder, First Elder?” A student beside An Han reminded him in a soft voice.

"What is it?" Coming to his senses, An Han couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Unknowingly, he had risen from his seat, such a loss of composure had really damaged his reputation.

At that moment, the leader of the Flying Frost Sect looked at An Han.

This was the Path of Refinement Convention, they obviously had to use the Path of Refinement to restore their reputation.

Hans's heart raced as he realized the cult leader's intent, he had no choice but to obey.

Watching their first elder act, the Flying Frost Sect students applauded loudly, no longer wearing the apathetic expressions they used to have.

Even outsiders couldn't help but look up with optimism as they saw the famous An Han exit the stage.

However, among the crowd there were some sharp-eyed people.

An old Gu master sighed softly, "An Han's situation doesn't look good."

“Why is that, Master?” asked a young man beside old Master Gu, confused.

This master-disciple pair was the same pair of lone cultivators who walked alongside Fang Yuan during registration with the Cult of Five Virtues and were pushed aside by the burly men who gave way to An Han.

"This demon path of Gu master Fang Yuan is extremely frightening. He has a high level of attainment of path of refinement, his method involved much more than just doing two tasks at once. Doing what he did was something he even I could only do it when I was at my best. Outsiders cannot see the difficulty in this, the more proficient Gu master's way of refinement is, the more they would be aware. This An Han also has extraordinary abilities, but because of that, he further understands that he cannot beat this demonic cultivator, Fang Yuan. Did you see how uneasy he looked when he got up because he thought he was already bullied by Fang Yuan?”

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Old Master Gu spoke confidently but in a gentle voice, "If he tries to refine Gu in this state, he might not even be able to show half of his true abilities. More importantly, Fang Yuan has already won first place, even if An If Han tries harder, that won't change. That is, unless he can use a new method to complete the task in much less time than Fang Yuan, he might be able to regain the reputation lost by the Flying Frost Sect. But if he had so much talent, I wouldn't have stayed in the Flying Frost Sect for so many years."

Young Master Gu repeatedly nodded his head in praise, “Master, you are right. The Flying Frost Sect leader is not an expert in Gu refinement, the move he is making now is a mistake due to his hunger for success. It's like Master taught me, you can't be in a hurry to get quick results and be anxious when refining Gu. It seems that even the leadership of a sect has the same logic.”

Old Master Gu's eyes sparkled and looked at his only student with satisfaction, "Not bad, student, you are really talented, you have great understanding. The fact is that all roads lead to the Great Dao. You were able to use the logic of Gu refinement and looking at other aspects, it seems that your refinement path has already reached a certain level of mastery, you can definitely succeed in this second competition.”

Young Master Gu smiled, “That's all because Master taught me unreservedly. If I hadn't been chosen by Master, I would have starved to death by now. My achievements today are all due to Master's care. Disciple had a well-thought-out plan and could have taken first place with just thirteen Gu refinement techniques. But now the top spot is already occupied by this Gu master demonic path. Master, let the student take this bright green Gu for you.”

"What?" The old master was very scared and quickly blocked him: "Younger, no!"

But it was already too late.

The young man doesn't know fear, Young Master Gu loudly shouted, "Senior Fang Yuan, I can be so bold as to demand a duel with you!"

The entire conversation between master and disciple seemed to last a long time, but only a few moments passed.

Fang Yuan had just left the stage and hadn't gone very far because he still had to collect the Flying Frost Sect's first place reward. On the other side, An Han got up and was about to enter the stage.

Young Master Gu's words caused a great commotion, which immediately caught everyone's attention.

"There is a duel, they will duel!"

"Who is this young man who actually dares to duel this level five demon?"

"I know him, he was runner-up in the Five Virtues Sect, he is a true genius of the path of refinement."

"A young tiger is not afraid of the power of an old lion, this will be a good show to watch!"

The old master had a pale expression, he couldn't stop and couldn't do anything, deep down he felt extremely worried and regretful, "I was just trying to impart the knowledge of the path of refinement to my disciple and I forgot, teach him the dangers worldly affairs. This is my fault, I shouldn't have neglected it!"

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Meanwhile, under everyone's gaze, Young Master Gu walked slowly with his head held high, left the crowd, and appeared in front of Fang Yuan with a radiant gaze and a firm expression.

The first elder, An Han, had just stepped into the limelight when such a situation arose. All the resolve he had just built up left him like a punctured balloon.

Usually he was a famous person, his every move attracted attention. But today was very difficult for him, he had made a fool of himself and now he was being ignored by the crowd, he was angry and full of hate.

"Duel? Who wants to duel me?" Fang Yuan smiled lightly and turned to face the challenger.

The Central Continent Path of Refinement Conference was held every hundred years, it was a huge event in all five regions. The competitions were divided into large and small competitions.

Fang Yuan is currently participating in the five-region large-scale competition, which is the biggest competition. First, registration slots across the entire central continent would eliminate huge numbers of Gu masters in multiple rounds, after all only a handful of competitors made it into the final competition.

Small competitions were often held in each region, divided according to previous conventions into Central Continent Small Competitions, Southern Frontier Small Competitions, Northern Plains, Eastern Sea, and Western Desert. These competitions were divided by geographic origins and were more official.

There were also many other small competitions, for example on the East Coast, held jointly by the Flying Frost Sect, the Five Virtues Sect and others. Gu masters eliminated from the big competition were able to compete in these small East Coast competitions.

Most small competitions were held by small circles. For example, three to five friends would take time out, place bets, or just have friendly competition with no rewards.

Competitions can be divided into open and private. Open battles could, of course, be observed by others. But most of them sent out invitations in advance and invited a limited number of distinguished guests to enjoy or review. Private battles did not allow spectators and the results were not published.

The big competitions were the most open battles, they didn't stop anyone from watching, but they prohibited spectators from using any Gu worms.

Each time the Central Continent held the Path of Refinement Convention, it resulted in a trend of Gu refinement that flourished across the entire Central Continent. It was similar to Earth's World Cup, the biggest soccer event that took place every four years. Often in those days, those who didn't play football also tried to play some football. Those who didn't pay attention to football also paid attention to the games.

In this world, Gu refinement was one of the three main aspects of a Gu master's cultivation, far more important than the sport for entertainment, soccer. Therefore, the Gu refinement trend he created was even greater and lasted longer. During this period, experiences and insights related to Gu refinement were widely shared, which greatly fueled the growth of the path of refinement, so that almost all Gu masters who participated reaped some benefits.

According to the different formats, the Path of Refinement Convention can be divided into sect competition, duel, task competition, arena competition and so on.

Sect competitions were competitions in which two or more sects sent a similar number of Gu masters from the path of refinement to compete in Gu refinement. In general, cult competitions were used to resolve conflicts of interest.

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In task competitions, one side presented a difficult problem while the other side had to solve it.

In arena competitions, gu masters, highly skilled in certain areas of gu refinement, set up the arena and invite experts from all over to compete. The arena organizer would place a bet and each challenger would also place a bet. These arena competitions usually had bountiful rewards.

As for the duels? They were the ones Fang Yuan just found.

"It's this junior who wants to duel." Young Master Gu approached Fang Yuan, his expression neither haughty nor humble.

Fang Yuan looked at him and felt a certain interest seeing the young man excited, “Boy, since you want to duel, then bet on something that might interest me. Otherwise, I will not duel.”

Fang Yuan, of course, had the right to refuse the duel, the Path of Refinement Convention allowed dueling, but there was no unreasonable rule saying that one had to accept the duel at all costs.

Young master Gu gravely nodded, "I have a recipe for a level five Gu worm with me. Senior, you are a level five expert, you will love this Gu recipe. This junior wants to bet fourth place against the Green Shine Gu that you won.

Fang Yuan nodded, “Green Shine Gu is a rank four rare Gu, its value is the same as the rank five normal Gu. But boy, do you know what I'm like? Are you sure the Gu recipe you are betting on fits my path?”

Young Master Gu was surprised: “Senior, aren't you on the path of refinement?” Judging by his words, the Gu recipe he gambled on was a refinement path Gu recipe.

Fang Yuan chuckled, “Of course, my main cultivation way is not the purification way. Boy, you actually only use a Gu recipe to bet against my rare rank four Gu. Don't you know that if a Gu fails to refine at rank five, even people of my level can get hurt? Are you trying to harm me this way, but still think I'm stupid enough to agree to your terms?

The young Gu Master gulped a few times but was unable to say anything. For a while he was motionless.

His master quickly rushed forward and bowed deeply to Fang Yuan, "Since you refuse to duel, we will not duel."

“What, no dueling?” The audience jeered because they were missing out on a good show.

“First place in the Five Sects of Virtue competition, the mysterious demonic cultivator Fang Yuan, and second place, young master Gu Zheng Shan Chuan, won't the battle between dragons and tigers take place because of insufficient betting capital? Come on, let's all lend a hand, you can build a mountain out of a pile of rocks.” Suggested a curious.

"It is not necessary, it was my student's imprudence. Thank you all, thank you.” The old master got scared and quickly bowed to everyone, cupping his hands to save the situation.

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Han's eyes gleamed menacingly, he immediately sent his instructions in a low voice. Soon someone from the crowd presented some resources, many others responded and began to contribute one by one, urging the continuation of this duel.

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